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5535 New Albany Rd W New Albany, OH 43054

In 2004 two entrepreneurs attended a Real Estate auction and came home with a failing Pizza business in New Albany, Ohio. Having never owned a Pizza Business, we were not really sure what to do. We only knew one thing.

The Pizzeria had to be named ‘Zeros Pizza’ because we wanted People to be able to remember the name. Zeros Pizza was simple and memorable. Once we came up with the name, the motto easily came next;

“Zero in on the Taste”

Our goal was to focus on the Best Tasting, Freshest, and Healthiest food available. We tried all sorts of food products from all sorts of food suppliers. What we chose were basically the best tasting and healthiest products in which to create our food from. The only problem was these were also the most expensive but, the results were amazing, finally a Pizzeria created the way we would want our Family to eat!

There is no secret to our Success:  Our Dough is made fresh Daily from scratch using only 100% pure Olive Oil instead of Lard. We use whole roasted Garlic Cloves not Powder. Our Sauce is made from real seasonings not preservatives and sugar as other Pizzerias use. Our Cheese is a custom 3 Cheese Blend. Our Family care and attention to our products make it the finest available.

Multiple times we have won the 1st place awards in multiple contests…  We compete with a lot of Pizza chains. We DO NOT use grease nor do we make FACTORY pizzas as the big chains do. Our dough is very sensitive to humidity and air temperature, Although our crusts are normally somewhat thin because we do not use artificial conditioners or ingredients  our crusts are not always consistent, we are proud of this fact because we know this creates the healthiest best tasting pizza for our friends or basically our Customers without any bad ingredients.. If you enjoy a thick crusts just ask and we will be happy to accomplish this for you. We are local and take great pride in our Product!  This has to be the Best Tasting, Healthiest Food available from a Pizzeria. We guarantee it!  Life is short, why settle for less? Zero in on the Taste